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It’s not reflective of the depth and size of our database to call it a “pool of caregivers,” so we’ve taken to calling it something grander. We believe you will too once you see the impressive list of experienced caregivers we make available to you, your agency and your clients. Click here to get started.

CrestHire is able to make our system work by offering caregivers free profile and resume listings, which we then thoroughly review so agencies like yours can then sift through and review to find an exact match for your client. In return for this highly valuable and time-saving service, all we ask is a small monthly fee of $69 from your agency to access our database and to become a CrestHire subscriber. 

We want to make sure your clients receive the exact level of care they need, delivered by an experienced professional who expresses compassion and on-the-job knowledge. 

As a CrestHire subscriber, you’ll have access to the following:

National Database

Agency databases are often outdated as caregivers’ employment and placement trails can be unreliable; and the methods of recruitment can vary widely between agencies. CrestHire offers a vast pool of caregivers with diverse professional backgrounds and experiences who come from all over the country. As a result, the chances of your agency finding a qualified candidate are greatly increased.

Dynamic, Current List

We keep our caregiver database up to date, and filter it by skills, geography and availability. The turnover in this industry is high and there is a good chance that the caregiver who was available yesterday is no longer looking for work today. We have developed a proprietary system that ensures that our caregiver database is always current. Inactive accounts are withdrawn quickly from search results.

Thorough Application Process 

CrestHire’s caregiver application process is rigorous and streamlined and will suit most care giving agencies’ recruitment processes. This means you can spend more time managing and growing your business, rather than being consumed by the nuts and bolts of human resources.

Searchable Database:

Each care recipient is different and has different needs. CrestHire tailors our database to be searchable by relevant skills and patient needs. You can be certain you are placing a caregiver who is the best fit available for the care needs of each of your clients.

It’s easy to get started!

Whether you need care or manage placement for a care agency, CrestHire makes it easy for you to become part of the most innovative, broad-reaching placement service on the web. Click here to get started.

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We will go the extra mile with you to guide you down the best path for qualifying senior care needs as well as researching private or general caregiver job options in New Jersey, USA.

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